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IT Consulting | How it Works? Learn about Reatcode

IT consulting, also referred to as technology consulting, relates to services aimed at helping clients with utilising information technology (IT) and digital assets to optimally achieve their business goals. The IT consulting segment spans both advisory and implementation services, but excludes transactional IT activities.

Once a business owner defined the needs to take a business to the next level, a decision maker will define a scope, cost and a time-frame of the project.

The role of the IT consultancy company is to support and nurture the company from the very beginning of the project until the end, and deliver the project not only in the scope, time and cost but also with complete customer satisfaction.

The usual problem is that a business owner doesn’t know the detail of what the project is going to deliver until it starts the process.

In many cases, the incremental effort in some projects can lead to significant financial loss. One of the important factors is the right choice of technology for the project, as this determines further work.

In Reatcode we believe that every project should be treated as a special challenge

Our job is to analyze and develop high quality software solutions for our clients.Our team is composed of passionate software professionals highly experienced in various industries such fintech, telecom, innovation R&D and marketing & advertising.We are experienced in building B2C, B2B software products and R&D projects for public sectors and major companies.

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