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Career Coaching vs Career Counseling

We created this section for you to understand the meaning of career coaching and the many benefits it can provide for the future of your career.

Career Coaching or Career Counseling?

Let’s start this section by explaining two terms, that often get confused as to what they are and what they do.

Career Coaching

Coaches, instead of spending time and energy on what doesn’t work, focus on their representative clients to create plans and objectives to progress their career further.

A career coach helps anyone who needs guidance to understand how they can achieve their work-related goals. They mostly use skype or telephone calls to interact with clients, which allows them to have a bigger range of reach.

By entrusting a career coach you allow yourself the professional help you needed to define the possibilities you have for your future workwise.

Career Counseling

On the other hand, as the term already suggests, counseling helps people understand what they want to do careerwise. Usually, in career counseling, you will go through evaluation and personality tests; these tests are created to help identify the roles that may be better suited in a person.

Your career counselor will try to analyze your past experiences workwise and try to understand the obstacles and difficulties that were presented in finding a job. Their main objective is not to find you the job you want but to help you understand yourself and the career path you want to follow.

What is the process of career coaching?

A session between coach and client usually consists of meetings that can last from 45 minutes to an hour. These meetings can take place once a week but the schedule is made based on what the client wants and most importantly needs; meetings can happen every two weeks or even once a month.

In the first sessions, your career coach needs to gain information about your career goals and life ambitions. Additionally, the coach will most likely give you assessments to help you identify your strengths, values, and the things that give you inspiration and purpose. Through this process, you will understand what you want from your career and you will have a personalized career plan to assist you with achieving your goals & ambitions.

Every session is personalized according to your needs. They will probably consist of activities that will help the coach recognize the vital things you need to get close to your career goals.

Why do you need a career coach?

A good time to find a career coach is when after countless applications and maybe interviews you didn’t succeed in finding the right job for you.

Career coaching is not based only on that. It is well known for helping career transition but also for assisting clients to make the most of their job opportunities at the company they currently work.

Progress is key.

Even if you have a job it doesn’t mean you have to necessarily stay stuck in a place where you feel like you can’t progress further. If you are trying to move forward and you cannot find a new job or you feel stuck in the position you currently occupy, a career coach can help you get out of this situation.

What about your Responsibilities and the Cost?

To get the desired results you must also complete the work needed to reach the final goal. It is a 50/50 process where you will take action and improve the elements set during your sessions. A Career Coach is there to provide you with the tools and resources you need but you are the one who will accomplish your goals and be successful.

When it comes to the cost of career coaching, like many professions the prices differ in each case. But if you’re asking “Is it worth it?”, we will be completely honest and say yes it can only become beneficial for you and especially for your future.

Career coaching helps you understand your skills and allows you to clarify your values, it isn’t something for a temporary job but plays a vital role for your future. You can say that whatever cost it has now, the right path will take you to earn a lot more than what you gave.

The long-term benefits exceed the costs of today.

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